Giving Legacy

Putting your name on a building project or on the future of a ministry is not about lifting you up. It’s about training the next generation. It’s about a family legacy. What did you inherit from your parents or your grandparents? Whether it was your grandfather’s pocket watch; the family farm; a treasured family heirloom or perhaps your mother’s smile… We all become heirs to something. You see, regardless of the size of the estate you inherited something. Maybe it was their attitude about giving. Winston Churchill said “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.” It’s not a question of what we have when we die - the question is what we do with what we have while we

Giving Real Estate

  • Gifts of tangible personal property • Gifts of life insurance policies • Gifts of real estate Sheridan House has a Donor Advised Fund at the National Christian Foundation (NCF) set up so assets such as real estate, boats and even business interests can be donated with a fair-market value deduction. Whether you own a beachfront home or a family farm, the team at the NCF can help you turn your valuable property into a family legacy gift to Sheridan House that will be life-changing to the families we work with! By giving real estate BEFORE THE SALE, instead of writing checks to donate, you'll improve your cash flow, reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes, and be able to help more people. A sound investment strategy typically would

Giving Stock

  TRADITIONAL GIVING USING CHECKS 1. Start with $10,000 in cash 2. Write checks to ministries for $10,000 3. Receive a $10,000 charitable deduction 4. Keep track of every receipt manually 5. Continue to pay capital gains tax in your portfolio MORE GIVING USING STOCK 1. Donate $10,000 of stock to Sheridan House 2. Receive a $10,000 charitable deduction 3. Shares are sold by Sheridan House tax free 4. Still like your stock? Re-fund your portfolio with cash 5. Use tax savings • Less tax: You actually eliminate capital gains tax on donated stock. • More Giving: You increase your giving capacity by eliminating current or future tax exposure. • Reset your cost basis: If you like your stock you can use your cash to repurchase the same stock