Changed Lives

Join us in celebrating how Jesus Christ has changed lives through the various ministries of Sheridan House. Whether it’s a child who’s life has been restored through our residential program, a single mom and her children who have been offered hope through our single parent ministry, or an individual or family who have broken through and free from an emotional/behavioral struggle through our counseling center; we give all the glory, honor, and praise to Jesus Christ for changed lives. He is the Way, Truth, and Light.

A Convinced Christ-Follower

When Andy entered the Sheridan House Residential Program, he was struggling in just about every area in his life.  He didn’t get along with or respect his parents, he refused to follow the rules at school, and he wasn’t even attempting to “work” our program.  In fact, he had such a difficult time with the structure of our program we didn’t think he would last long.

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Students Give Back…


It was a bright, sunny morning, when the lively 3rd graders from Weston Christian Academy arrived at Sheridan House for their

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A Note of Thanks


House parents, Steve and Teri Griffith, received the following letter from Tracy on his graduation day.


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Teacher Appreciation

With excitement and joy, the Sheridan House residential program girls decorated the teacher’s lounge at Walter C. Young Middle School to show their tremendous appreciation for a great school year.  The theme for the event was a Mexican Fiesta and the food was generously provided by Lime Fresh Mexican Grill of Pembroke Gardens.

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Another Great Story…

When Elijah came to the Sheridan House just a few months ago one of the first things everyone noticed (aside from the fact that he was a foot taller than all other 6th graders) was how sad he always seemed to be.  He always had is head down and walked slowly.  He quickly picked up the nick-name “Eeyore.”  His mom reported that just before entering the program, Elijah had bashed his head against a wall and said “I want to die.” She also reported that every weekend, just before returning to Sheridan House, he would cry and beg her not bring him

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Where Are They Now?

It was 1988 when Jason and Amy found themselves in a dilemma.  Jason had just graduated from high school and Amy was excited to begin her senior year.  They were young and in love when they discovered Amy was expecting.

“Since we were both raised in solid Christian homes, it threw our parents for a loop.  Honestly, it threw us for a loop too.” Amy remembered.  “I couldn’t believe that this was happening to us.  Jason offered to marry me, but I didn’t want to get married just because I was pregnant.  I didn’t know what to do, but I believed that I wasn’t ready to have

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Another Great Story…

I absolutely loved the career workshop with Ruth!  She was inspiring, uplifting and funny.  I have told so many people about her and how great the seminar was. –  Nichol

The seminar itself was excellent and I picked up several great tips.  I will be redoing my resume today.  Ruth was wonderful.  She was very understanding and at the same time she “told it like it is” which I really appreciated. –  Linda

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Letter of Gratitude…

When I first came to Sheridan House, I was newly single with 3 children.  I was scared and was stepping into the unknown of raising 3 kids on my own.  I moved to Florida after I divorced to be closer to my parents because I knew that my mother would be my greatest help in raising my kids.  Unfortunately, my mom passed in December 2010.  It was then that my church introduced me to Sheridan House and I have never been so blessed.

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Another Great Story…

Most of the boys in Sheridan House have trouble expressing their emotions appropriately or discussing feelings when things are difficult.  So, when house mom, Terri, discovered a partial self portrait of Travis crumbled up in the back of the van, she knew it was a learning experience in the making.  Travis had the beginning of something great, but he gave up too soon.

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Where Are They Now?

Gregory was living in Brooklyn, New York, with his parents and six siblings.  He was attending school at P.S. 276 and was constantly in and out of trouble.  He entered the “system” in New York, but nothing was working.  Then his mother heard about Sheridan House from relatives in Fort Lauderdale.

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