Changed Lives

Join us in celebrating how Jesus Christ has changed lives through the various ministries of Sheridan House. Whether it’s a child who’s life has been restored through our residential program, a single mom and her children who have been offered hope through our single parent ministry, or an individual or family who have broken through and free from an emotional/behavioral struggle through our counseling center; we give all the glory, honor, and praise to Jesus Christ for changed lives. He is the Way, Truth, and Light.

Another Great Story…

Whenever you ask a middle school boy a question, there is a 98% chance the answer will sound something like this, “I don’t know…I don’t care…not now…I can’t!”  Wes, however, is the exact opposite.  He is a thinker who expresses his feelings with his words.  His seven months with us have been “profoundly life changing.”  Wes continues to have a multitude of questions about his Creator, this world, and the people who live in it; but he is on his way to becoming a strong, young man for God.

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Pretty In Pink…

Single Moms in the pink…

Pink tablecloths, pink flowers, pink handouts, chocolate hearts, lace, and tables laden with goodies…Was it a Valentine’s Day brunch, or was it a training class for single moms?  Well…it was both!

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Where Are They Now?

When Brian arrived at Sheridan House in 2006, he was quite a character. We couldn’t figure out if he was extremely brilliant or just “out there;” but he was always entertaining. Brian didn’t graduate from Sheridan House. Since he never really worked the program, his mom sent him to live with his father in Virginia. No one on the residential team thought that Brian had learned much from his experience at Sheridan House; however, after 5 years, Efrain Figueroa, his behavioral specialist, received this e-mail from him:

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Another Great Story…

Bubbling with excitement, Sarah told us that she was finally able to purchase her own home!  She is a hard-working, single mom who faithfully serves the Lord full-time at her church.  After years of working as a mentor in a discipleship group-home, Sarah was ready to move out and into her own home along with her children.  She prayed and saved diligently for 5 years; and the Lord recently blessed her with a home that is beyond what she imagined!

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Where Are They Now?

Every few months, we invite graduates from our girls’ residential program over to catch up with them and to see how their lives have changed since leaving Sheridan House.  Here are a few updates on some of the graduates from last year:

Alexandria continues to make solid grades in high school and is very focused on achieving her goals.  She is a gifted tennis player and currently devotes all of her free time to the sport.  She is working diligently in the hopes of receiving a scholarship to play tennis in college.  Before Alexandria turned 16, she began a job search with the help

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Another Great Story…

Jonny entered Sheridan House on his first day with something different than most of the boys – a smile.  He was polite and greeted his house parents warmly while looking them straight in the eye.  By nature, Jonny is incredibly social.  That was the source of his problems.  His friendly personality got him into situations where he often followed his fellow classmates right into trouble.  As his grades steadily declined, his time spent in the principal’s office rapidly increased.  This negative behavior also affected his attitude at home.

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Another Great Story…

Parent of the Year

The parents of our residential children recently participated in a holiday celebration dinner held in each of our homes.  Traditionally, we incorporate a celebration of the children’s efforts and achievements with an awards ceremony.  Additionally, each house also gives a “Parent of the Year” award.  One of the homes awarded the “Parent of the Year” to an outstanding grandfather this year.  

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Another Great Story…

When William graduated from Sheridan House earlier this year, we knew his return home would be a unique adjustment.  Within a matter of days, he and his family moved out of state.  Not only did William need to adapt to living at home 24/7, but he also needed to acclimate himself to a totally new environment.  Due to the far distance, we understood that our follow-up with William and his family regarding this fresh new start would be limited to phone calls and email updates.

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Another Great Story…

On a chilly December day, Veronica beamed with excitement and joy while delivering over 200 Christmas cookies to the teachers and staff of Walter C. Young Middle School.  Along with the other residential girls, Veronica warmly spread Christmas cheer as she served those who have poured so much love and instruction in her life.

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Another Great Story…

Our Sheridan House Journey by Cynthia Seely

One of the saddest things I relinquished as a single mom was being able to be available every second of every day for my children.  I wanted to be that stay-at-home mom who greeted her children with healthy snacks and had energy to help with homework and special projects…the mother who was the neighborhood block parent!  I felt robbed of being a “real mom” when I had to work several jobs.

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