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Non-Event Event

The 2019 Sheridan House Non-Event Event is back!!! Enjoy NOT attending another event by shopping as a family FOR families! Take a few minutes and read below to see how events like the Non-Event Event continue to change families futures.

While in the Residential Program, Adrian learned to take responsibility for his actions and to lead and serve his peers with kindness. The house mom and pop and behavior specialist gave him guidance and structure, built on foundation of unconditional love and acceptance. Adrian’s dad also learned how to establish consistent and clear expectations at home, and both father and son excelled!

Most important of all, Adrian started following Jesus as his Lord! This young man has since graduated from the program, and we cannot wait to hear the ways God continues to use him!

The Non-Event Event will continue to help people like Adrian. By participating in the Non-Event Event, your family will help impact 8,097 children and families!